Hollywaves helps you to create the glamorous Hollywood curls you’ve always dreamed of! Simple, easy, and energy efficient without any heat. Hollywaves curlers are woven in RoHS certfierad Polyethylene terephthalate. Half of the curlers spins clockwise and half counterclockwise, they have two colors so you can see the difference.

Hollywaves will last for a long time and does not lose shape because they are woven in a special way. You can even sleep on them or wash them in the washing machine without losing shape. Hollywaves helps you create glamourous Hollywood curls without heat and and do not damage or scratch your hair. You can create many more styles with Hollywaves than with hair iron or regular curlers. Whether you are a short-haired, long-haired or thin-haired, you can use Hollywaves. Hollywaves also works on hair pieces and extensions of real hair.

Hollywaves is Eva Wennman Holding AB´s own brand.


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